3D Wooden World Map Backlit Super Multicolor LED

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  3D Wooden World Map Backlit Super Multicolor LED

A quick and easy way to revivify even the dullest room! This map is a 2-in-1 option, regardless of whether you’re looking for a non-standard décor or an inspiration for new adventures! 


  • Handmade of top-quality birch plywood 
  • Hand-painted using hypoallergenic paints and parquet oil finish
  • Remote glass fastening with a dowel
  • Easy to install with instructions included

Wishing to personalize your map? Great! We may add an inscription, text, name of the company, or backlighting color. Let us know!

All maps come with a set of PUSH PINS (100 pcs.) to mark countries you visited or plan to.

😍PERK! Get a GIFT set of push pin STICKERS with flags of destinations you might travel to!

To reach the desired 3D effect, maps come in different thicknesses of birch plywood:

  • 3mm to 12mm/0.11 inches to 0.47 inches

BACKLIGHTING OPTIONS (state in personalization form):
- Multi-color RGB
- White (cool, neutral/warm white)
- Blue/Green/Red

😍PERK! Regulate backlighting (brighter / dimmed, turned on / off) with a compact remote control!


From the socket (decorative cables used for visual map aesthetics)
From a block with batteries (8 pcs. available). Batteries can be replaced or charged
Operating voltages -110V/220V
EU/US electrical plugs available

Swift assembly! 1-2 hours only!
All hardware and installation instructions are included.
The map is already set up on the acrylic background.
- The map can be removed from the wall if it’s done carefully (Message for instructions!) 

- We take full responsibility for our products, their shipping, and delivery (including damage or loss)
- The client can return the order within 30 days and we will fully refund the paid amount
In case of damage during transportation, we will replace the product as soon as possible

⚠️ ATTENTION! In case of any other inconvenience, please feel free to contact me!

Handmade of top quality birch plywood with a parquet oil finish.
Hand painted using hypoallergenic paints.
The world map is fastened with the help of remote fastening of glass and a dowel
Easy to install with instructions included

Each client gets a visualization of a map in their own interior free of charge! To do so, provide us with:
To do this, you need to get:
A photo of your wall (vertical image)
Size of your wall
Desired map color/size/backlighting color

Certain countries charge customs fees & taxes for the import of goods. Check out your country and calculate the cost of potential customs fees & taxes in this online calculator.

⚠️ ATTENTION! For more information contact me via wow.box.ua.dp1@gmail.com



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